• Letting go of the ball, like in a normal throwing sequence, impacts the joints. Each throw does take a toll on the throwing muscles and joints. When using The ROPE Trainer, a player can achieve muscle contraction of the shoulder and throwing muscles without causing undo stress on the elbow and shoulder Each throw exposes the throwing muscles and joints to a larger kinetic load and motion than naturally occur. Throwing a ball can adversely affect all the muscles and joints in the throwing sequence. The ROPE Trainer works to decrease the extra force expended during the throwing sequence.
  • When throwing a baseball, pitchers/players must optimize the sequential use of muscle segments throughout the body. When throwing a ball, players are generating and transferring potential energy to propel the baseball. Any inefficiency or failure of the throwing sequence or kinetic chain can increase the stress on the shoulder, elbow, and all the throwing joints and muscles. Using The ROPE Trainer to improve efficiency and development of the throwing sequence can improve techniques and assist in performance improvement, rehabilitation, and prevention of injury.

How does The ROPE Trainer reinforce proper mechanics?

  • Using The ROPE Trainer allows players to work the throwing muscles in all parts of the kinetic chain. Using The ROPE Trainer optimizes the mechanics of the throwing sequence by building the muscles and joints used during the throwing process. Over time, using The ROPE Trainer will allow for better muscle memory, improved strength and endurance without the excessive stress caused by releasing the ball.

How does The ROPE Trainer help players limit the risk of injury?

  • Using The ROPE Trainer helps control the ball, control mechanics, and develop the accelerator muscles, as well as the decelerator muscles. The accelerator muscles work from the time between optimal external rotation of the shoulder and the release of the ball. The ROPE Trainer limits undo stress on the elbow and shoulder, particularly when the muscles start to protect and to contract. This process can start the downward cycle to injury. The ROPE Trainer facilitates using the muscle chain including most of the muscles from the shoulder, triceps/biceps, elbow, to the wrist and hand. The ROPE Trainer fires muscles properly to help the player pull all the way through delivery, helping players create an upward cycle of increased performance while limiting the risk of injury.

Does The ROPE Trainer help with the muscles used during the acceleration and deceleration phases of the throwing motion?

  • Most players use their back muscles for the entire throwing sequence- The ROPE Trainer works the front throwing muscles and those related to both acceleration and deceleration. The ROPE Trainer helps fully stretch and contract the muscles in the front of the body (the large throwing muscles) to reinforce the throwing sequence. Most players don’t throw or pull through the whole motion, and when they decelerate early, they typically increase pressure or impingement on the shoulders as these muscles stretch and contract. With The ROPE Trainer, the body pulls all the way through the entirety of the throwing motion while getting the correct accelerators and decelerators developing and working efficiently.